Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 3

 Word of the week: 
Inkhorn: (adj) Affectedly or ostentatiously learned; pedantic.

Figure drawing is one of the most difficult parts of drawing. I’ve never know that figure drawing could be so hard, yet so important. I’ve never taken a life drawing class before, so I’ve never have the opportunity to draw a model in real life. This semester, I’m taking ART 112B, which focus entirely in figure drawing. We get to draw life model every week. It shocked me a little bit on the first day of class when the model took off her rope, because I’ve never drew a naked body before.  After only three weeks of school, I’ve learn so much about the human body and drawing technique in this class.  For the first time, I realize that drawing is not only base of your eyes and hands; it’s also base on your knowledge and how much you understand the human’s figure. There is one procedure, one way, and one technique to master  it. I’m excited to learn more, and eventually get to a decent level in figure drawing.

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